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Yarraville-Footscray Bowling Club Saturday Pennant Selection 17/12/22.

Side One v Clayton Away, Leaving At 10.30am.

J.Gonera, T.Kreyan, B.Anderson, B.Umbers

B.Thomason, J.Mahoney, W.Roberts, N.Ball

A.Macisaac, R.Kopcewicz, G.Ball, B.Mahoney

M.Galakos, J.Banks, G.Robinson, W.Brackley

Manager N.Ball.

Side Two v Burwood District At Home.

A.Tudorovic, R.McLellan, O.Jones, R.Lawerson

D.Wright, D.Jones, C.Guymer, F.Dalton

G.Engebretsen, W.Tomasino, T.Spratling, A.Myers

A.Viney, W.Ainger, V.Brackley, D.Ellis.

Manager F.Dalton.

Side Three v Altona Away, Leaving At 12 noon.

P.McKendrick, R.Hodges, G.Walsh, K.Bradshaw

L.Watson, H.Scott, S.Fletcher, D.Walker

G.Harriosn, D.Caseley, J.Smith, C.Matters.

S.Jing, S.Smith, D.Hill, R.Russell

Manager R.Russell.

Side Four v Williamstown At Home.

M.Baker, J.Phin, R.Homann, W.Hodges

V.Kennedy, R.Barker, B.Hayes, D.Sigle

P.Saville, T.Phin, P.Glynn, J.Roulston

H.Vinton, E.Grinham, C.Caruana, P.Eastmure

Manager R.Homann.

Side Five v Altona North Away, Leaving At 12 noon.

F.Caruana, M.Velo, J.Harbottle, S.Brooks

L.Marin, W.Parker, R.Jones, B.Giles

D.Palmer, J.Harrison, D.Viney, R.Yung

A.Tecchio, C.Jones, G.Blake, G.Ellis

Manager R.Yung

Side Six Bye

Side Seven v St.Albans At Home.

R.Walker, C.Clarke, R.Cordy, R.baber

H.Glynn, K.Weller, D.White, M.Davies

N.Oswald, J.Curtis, L.Harry, J.Lacey

Manager D.White

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