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Yarraville-Footscray Bowling Club Saturday Pennant Practice Games 14/10/23.

All teams will be playing at Y/F and all members need to be at the club for a players meeting at 12.30pm.

Side One

B.Anderson, J.Mahoney, T.Kreyan, N.Ball.

R.Kopcewicz, J.Gonera, J.Sloan, B.Umbers.

A.Macisaac, L.davies, V.McIlwain, G.Ball.

D.Pollock, N.Campbell, G.Robinson, W.Roberts.

Manager N.Ball.

Side Two

I.Attard, W.Tomasino, D.Walker, R.McLellan.

K.Vanden Hoff, J.Phin, R.Russell, T.Spratling.

G.Engebretsen, W.Ainger, R.Hodges, D.Wright.

S.Fletcher, M.Lake, C.Spiteri, R.Lawerson.

Manager T.Spratling.

Side Three.

D.Wongsing, S.Jing, R.Hollings, B.McKay.

P.McKendrick, D.Caseley, G.Harrison, D.Jones.

Blake McKay, L.Helmling, C.Matters, T.Vinton.

L.Watson, S.Smith, D.Hill, C.Koromilas.

Manager P.McKendrick.

Side Four.

V.Kennedy, B.Hayes, W.Parker, G.Walsh.

H.Vinton, T.Phin, J.Smith, P.Glynn.

M.Velo, H.Scott, J.Harbottle, S.Brooks.

B.Hahnel, R.Homann, W.Hodges, D.Sigle.

Manager M.Velo.

Side Five

F.Caruana, D.Palmer, G.Ellis, E.Grinham.

P.Saville, J.Lariell, C.Caruana, J.Hancock.

S.Dorizzi, J.Harrison, A.Tecchio, R.Yung,

J.McKay, L.Jackman, M.Dorizzi, M.Baker.

Manager R.Yung.

Side Six

D.White, J.Richings, J.Curtis, R.Cordy.

N.Oswald, G.Radovanovic, L.Parker, M.Davies.

A.Wilson, C.Clarke, J.Matty, G.Hurcomb.

P.Wilson, E.Jowett, G.Bell, L.Harry.

Manager D.White.

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