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Sharon Fletcher has won the 2022/2023 Neil Miller Award. The award was announced last Saturday Night at the Clubs Gala Awards Night.

Sharon has had a fantastic year on the greens, winning the Ladies Club Singles and won the vote by 1 in front of 8 members who came equal second.

This is the first time Sharon has won this award and is a worthy winner, Sharon is pictured above with Mr Peter Miller who is the son of the late Mr Neil Miller who the award is named after.

Sharon is the second lady member of the club to have won this award, with Pam Glynn being the first female member winning the award in 2026/17.

All members of the club congratulate Sharon on her great win.

S.Fletcher 7

R.Barker, C.Caruana, J.Smith, G.Ellis, E.Grinham, W.Hodges, M.Lake, B.Mahoney all on 6

N.Ball, J.Banks, K.Bradhaw, P.Eastmure, J.Gonera, T.Kreyan, J.Mahoney, H.Scott, D.Viney all on 5

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