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Neil Miller Award Report

The Yarraville-Footscray Bowling Club has again held its prestigious Best & Fairest Award Count. The award is named in honor of one of the bowling clubs well known bowlers the late Mr Neil Miller. This was the 12th year that the club has held this event, Neil had been a member of our club for many years and has played a major role within the club both on and off the green in making Yarraville-Footscray one of the Major Bowling Clubs in Melbourne. The Miller family could not attend this years event, but passed on best wishes to all members and the winner of the award.

President Gerard then made comment on what a great year the Club had on the green with 5 teams playing finals in the Saturday Pennant and the Midweek team winning the divisional grand final. He thought that the vote count would be close with many members having a chance of winning the award.

The award is always a very close battle between all members who play in the Saturday Pennant Competition, and the votes are awarded by the opposition rinks on who they regard as the best player who played for Yarraville-Footscray on that day. Only one player can receive a vote per team per week, and with only 14 rounds counted this year for the award, it was always going to be a close event.

Previous winners being James Pearce 2010/11, Pat Considine and Wayne Roberts 2011/12, Wayne Roberts 2012/13 and Wayne Roberts 2013/14. James Pearce and Wayne Roberts 2014/15 and Ray Lawerson in 2015/16. Pam Glynn 2016/17, Wayne Roberts 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20. Dan Ellis 2020/21.

After all votes had been read out and tabled it proved once again to be a very close affair, with Neil Miller Medal being awarded to Kevin Bradshaw with 9 votes. Kevin has had an excellent year skipping in Side Three, this team were runners-up in the division grand final. Kevin started polling votes from round one and was always in the top 3 players during the count. But over the last 5 games he polled nearly every vote to win the award by 1 vote.

On receiving his first Neil Miller Medal Kevin was very emotional, he made special mention of his friends at the club and his team mate’s that he played with over the season. He thanked all members who have supported him along the way.

During the evening an interview was held with Club Member Rod Baber, this was the second time this had been done at the award night. Rod has been involved within the Club for many years and has also had some success along the way. There was also a phantom call of the Neil Miller award with 24 members placed in a mock call of a horse

race, this was very interesting and added some real fun to the night.

President Gerard thanked all members for attending the night, special mention to all the people who had put a lot of time and effort into running the night. And hoped that the Neil Miller Award would continue to grow in the years ahead.


Kevin Bradshaw 9

James Banks 8

Victoria Brackley 7

Gou Engebretsen 7

Mike Galakos 6

Roberta Paddle 5

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