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Midweek Pennant Teams for Tuesday September 13th.

Yarraville-Footscray v Flem/Kenn at Y/F 10.30am start.

Side One

S.Smith, E.Grinham, D.Wright, F.Dalton

F.Caruana, J.Smith, R.Russell, R.Kopcewicz

G.Engebretsen, A.Viney, A.Macisaac, R.Lawerson

Side Two

H.Vinton, B.Giles, M.Baker, S.Brooks

P.Saville, M.Velo, W.Parker, T.Vinton

D.Wongsing, V.Kennedy, R.Yung, C.Caruana

Side Three

D.Mill, J.Harrison, J.Harbottle

G.Radovanovic, R.Cordy, J.Doyle

K.Weller, L.Parker, E.Jowett

C.Clarke, D.White, J.Hancock

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