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Yarraville-Footscray Bowling Club staged the 7th Kevyn Brown Memorial Open Fours on Saturday 7/1/23. There was great entry of players form 17 different clubs as well many Yarraville-Footscray members playing.

After the 4 games had been completed we had the following results.

Best 1st game winners J.Gonera, D.Joyce, T.Kreyan, N.Ball 10 shots up.

Best 2nd game winners G.Bell, C.Clarke, R.Yung, D.Viney 10 shots up.

Best 3rd game winners M.Galakos, L.Azziparti, T.Kelly, J.Ghigo 12 shots up

Best 4th game winners S.Loncar, T.Wood, D.Sloan, K.Keegan 14 shot sup.

Runners -Up W.Tomasino, R.Lawerson, F.Dalton, R.Kopcewicz, Yarraville-Footscray

Winners pictured above from Flemington-Kenningston.

D.Grasso, S.Cowell, T.West, J.Doyle.

Well done !!!

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