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Last Saturday Night April 22nd, the Yarraville-Footscray Bowling Club held its Gala Awards Night for season 2022-2023.

The Club made the following presentations.

Ladies 2 Bowl Singles Runner-Up B.Giles, Winner G.Engebretsen.

Men's 2 Bowl Singles. Runner-Up O.Jones, Winner B.Mahoney

Ladies 100 up. Runner-Up P.Saville. Winner M.Velo

Club Mixed Pairs. Runners-Up. G.Engebretsen & W.Ainger

Winners. A.Tudorovic & B.Mahoney

Club Open Triples. Runners-Up. A.Macisaac, R.Kopcewicz, B.Mahoney

Winners. D.Sigle, K.Bradshaw, N.Ball

Presidents Championship. Runner-Up. P.Mckendrick. Winner J.Allan

Ladies Pairs. Runners-Up P.Saville & J.Hancock

Winners G.Engebretsen & E.Grinham

Men's Pairs. Runners-Up M.Galakos & D.Wright

Winners. R.Kopcewicz & B.Mahoney

Club Person Of The Year R.Saville

Best Performing Midweek Pennant Players.

Lead. M.Galakos.

Second. A.Viney

Third. D.Wright

Skip. W.Roberts

Best Performing Saturday Pennant Players.

Lead. G.Engebretsen

Second. R.Hodges

Third. G.Ball

Skip. B.Mahoney

Edith Grinham Medal Winne.r M.Galakos & J.Hancock.

Neil Miller Medal Winner. S.Fletcher

Ladies Championship. Runner-Up G.Engebretsen. Winner S.Fletche.r

Men's Championship. Runner-Up. B.Anderson. Winner B.Mahoney

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